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All additional players are again eligible as long as they meet the 150 AB or 25 IP minimum requirements.

Divisions have been eliminated - a single 8 team division with the #1 seed playing the #4 seed and the #2 playing #3.

There will be a play-in game for the #4 spot - #4 will play #5 in a single game to determine who goes on to play the #1 seed.


All pitchers now have a 25 IP minimum to be eligible for drafting - similar to the 150 AB rule for hitters.

There is now a 1 game playoff at the end of the season in the event of a tie for the second playoff position.  In the event of a tie for the top spot in the division, prior tie-breaking rules are still in place.


For the 2015 season, the Legends and Phantoms will switch divisions.  Legends to the On-Line division, and the Phantoms to the MoBap division.


Official trade start date clarification - after WS finishes

Reliever tiredness clarification - if he pitches beyond his POW (except in the event of a DP) he can only pitch to his POW in his subsequent outings until he has received a day off.  After three consecutive games he must take a day off.

May only trade draft choices for the coming draft, except during the off-season when you may trade draft choices from the next two drafts.

Pickups after the draft will be treated as a waiver pickup.  All requests must be into the league office within 48 hours after completion of the draft.

All roster moves - both up and down - now require a minimum of five games.

Additional Target Dates added - no penalties will be imposed if a team missed a target date IF they are back on pace for the next date.  Also, no team is allowed to play games ahead of one additional target date.

GAME TARGET DATES - effective 2014:

1 - Game 10 - April 15

2 - Game 20 - June 1

3 - Game 30 - July 15

4 - Game 40 - September 1

5 - Game 50 - October 15

6 - Game 60 - December 1


Trading deadline will be September 15th - at the end of the grace period for target date #2.


The league has passed a measure that will set new eligibility requirements for future seasons.

Hitters must have a minimum of 150 at bats to be eligible for drafting.  For pitchers, only regular carded players will be eligible.  There is a transition exception for the coming season - any protected player that would have been draft eligible prior to this new rule would still be eligible for this coming season only.  All future years, the previously noted eligibilty rules will hold.


The league has passed a measure that will place target dates and penalties for teams that lag behind.

Target Dates:

Game target                      Date

1 - Game 20                        6/1/2011

2 - Game 40                        9/1/2011 – trading deadline would be 9/15 – the end of the grace period  for date 2

3 - Game 60                        12/4/2011

Penalties: In the event a target date is missed, the following season’s draft order will be impacted.  If one date is missed, the first round pick will fall to the end of the round.  If two dates are missed, the same happens to the team’s second round pick.  If all three dates are missed, the team will draft last in each of the first three rounds.

A two week grace period will be given to get caught up.  In the event the game target is still not met, the team will lose one held player for the next season.  For example, if one two week grace period passes and the team is still not current in its games played, then instead of being able to hold 12 players in the following season, it will only be allowed to hold 11.  A second date missed beyond the grace period would drop the holds to 10, and all three would mean 9.

The idea is not so much to penalize as it is to provide an incentive to make sure games are played in a timely fashion.  When some teams are way out in front, and others are lagging far behind, the level of competition faced can be impacted because of trades, etc.  All teams also need to be close in games played at the trading deadline in order to maintain a fair and balanced schedule.

Appeal Process: In the event extenuating circumstances prevent getting games played, an appeal to the commissioner and in turn a vote by the rest of the league can be made.  A simple majority of the remaining owners can rescind the penalty. 

Two new proposals have passed by league vote.  The first was to cut the injury chart in half (rounding up) to account for our 60 games schedule versus the MLB 162 game schedule.  The second was to expand the list of potential holds from 20 to 25.


The Toronto Gonzos win their third World Series in the last six years, by beating the Chicago Spurs 4 games to 2.  Omar Vizquel was named series MVP.


MOBAP DIVISION - Gonzos vs Legends - Gonzos win 4 games to 2

ONLINE DIVISION - Argonauts vs Spurs - Spurs win 4 games to 3


The Chicago Argonauts defend thier league championship against the Cincinnati Lunkers in a close series winning 4 games to 2.  All but one of the games but one were decided by two runs or less.  Andrew Bailey and Matt Holliday were named series co-MVP.


The league has adopted a new playoff rule that will allow a player placed on the IR during the playoffs to be replaced on the roster.  The IR player is then ineligible for the remainder of the playoffs/year.  The change will be effective with the current year's playoffs.

MOBAP DIVISION - Bombers vs Lunkers - Lunkers win 4 games to 1

ONLINE DIVISION - Knights vs Argonauts - Argonauts win 4 games to 1



The Philadelphia Phantoms first trip back to the World Series came to an abrupt end as the Chicago Argonauts continued on their roll and swept the series in four games.  Carlos Marmol was named series MVP with his 5.1 innings of scoreless relief, picking up two wins and a save.  It was the Argonauts first championship since 1998 - Congratulations Gary.


The MOBAP division provided a lot of suspense as the Philadelphia Phantoms made history coming back from a 3 games to none deficit to win four in a row and dash the Cincinnati Gonzos hope for a repeat.  This will be the Phantoms first trip to the World Series in ten years.

In the ONLINE Division, the Chicago Argonauts continued thier winning ways, taking the series from the Cleveland Comeback Kings in six games.  This is the second year in a row that the Argonauts have been their division's representative in the World Series.


Updated Rulebook has been published for 2009 Strato season -STL Official Rulebook 

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